Everyone experiences growing pains but we can help minimise the pain.

Relocating could be very disruptive to your business in several ways; firstly there is the logistical exercise of moving everything to the new location. Using our proven structured approach we can make ensure that the move goes smoothly and that everything is place for you to continue your business.

As important is reaction of your staff to their new workplace. We recognise that people are much more productive in an environment that suits their needs. By working closely with you and your staff we make sure that your requirements are satisfied and that your new workplace is everything you would wish it to be.

Our services go further than just moving you, by working with you from an early stage in the project we can:

  • Ascertain your requirements and any constraints there might be on a property
  • Research the current property market
  • Shortlist a number of suitable properties
  • Arrange viewing of suitable properties
  • Assist with the final selection
  • Negotiate lease deals
  • Assist with the Legal process

Once the lease has been secured we can assist with the fit-out or refurbishment of the office space:

  • Gathering Information - Client Requirements
  • Advise on the design and space planning
  • Advise on IT and Telecoms
  • Manage the fit-out/refurbishment contract
  • Sourcing quotes from suppliers
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Liasing with/overseeing contractors
  • Finding/moving to temporary space for occupants
  • Moving back/fall out of extra requests
  • Snagging