Maintenance Management

A service you can't afford to ignore.

Maintenance of the electrical and mechanical systems in a building is a major overhead and sometimes the temptation is to ignore these systems until they fail. However, just as your car requires regular servicing to avoid breakdowns so the systems in your building also require regular servicing. If these systems are not properly maintained they can be very expensive to replace, and can be dangerous to your staff.

Just as a leased agreement for a car will require it to be serviced regularly many property leases include a clause that require the occupant to maintain the building to a standard laid down in the "Operation and Maintenance Manuals", failure to do so will usually result in action being taken by the Landlords.

At facilitate we understand the importance of Planned Preventative Maintenance and can help you put a cost effective programme in place.

We can set up and manage the entire maintenance programme on your behalf. As part of the service provided, we can offer assistance with the budgetary process, forecasting life span of equipment installed and projected expenditure to repair or replace over the short, medium and longer-term occupancy of the building.