Life Cycle

We can help you at every stage in your company's life cycle.


At the time of your company's birth you have more important things to do than worry about the office. We can find you a suitable office to start your business and help you set up the infrastructure your business needs to get off the ground.


Our Relocation service will help ease the growing pains and make the transition from office to office as smooth as possible. In addition we will continue to help you by managing projects on your behalf and providing consultancy when needed. The last thing your company wants is to become trapped in a lease that is too expensive or too difficult to break when you grow. Our Lease Management service will help you to obtain the right lease at the right price.


This is a critical time in the life cycle of a company, the heady days of high growth are over and now you need to manage your costs to ensure that the company has a good footing for the future. We can manage the maintenance of your building electrical and mechanical systems and control your costs.


Sadly not all companies succeed and our confidential office closure service can help ease what is a very traumatic time. We have recently closed several offices for a major supplier to the Telecoms industry and disposed of the leases thereby minimising their ongoing exposure.